Bountiful Bouncing

Are you looking for an easy, fun and inexpensive way to improve your overall health? At Equipose we are bouncing our way to a healthier 2017. I have adapted David Hall's Cellercizing program which requires his rebounder or min-trampoline. Instead, we use a much cheaper and accessible stability ball.  This is the way it works: bouncing increases the gravitational weight on all 80 trillion cells of our bodies; the cells expand with the applied weight, and this fortifies the cells' membranes with more protein, which results in more muscle mass. The connective tissue or fascia, every muscle, ligament, tendon, joint, cartilage, bone and internal organ receives this gravitational weight with no trauma to the muscular skeletal system because there is no force or impact involved.

The bouncing, which is vertical movement, challenges balance, pumps blood (therefore increasing the heart rate and becoming an aerobic practice), relieves stress, sleep disorders, and depression and anxiety by cleansing and oxygenating cells, lightening the heart's work load and strengthening the heart muscle. The bouncing also becomes a stimulus for free-flowing lymphatics which drain poisons from cells. The bouncing motion continues to move and recycle lymph and blood many times during the exercise, especially important because the lymph system has no pump like the arterial blood supply.  When a twisting motion is added on the ball, the smooth muscles of the digestive tract needed for elimination are stimulated, and these are hard muscles to access with other types of movement.  You can even increase your height by bouncing! This happens over time when more lubricating fluid is released around the vertebrae creating greater blood flow over the spinal column, increasing height. Another advantage to bouncing is the increase of the cells' mitochondria or energy producers so there is an overall increase in cell function; remember, you are impacting all 80 trillion cells!  When every cell is squeezed free of toxins and excess water, bouncing becomes the perfect cleanse. Add arm pumping to the bouncing, and there is greater oxygen to the circulatory system, and the heart does not have to work so hard.

If you are looking to burn calories, bouncing uses 5x the calories of swimming, 11x the calories of walking, and 3x the calories of running!  Anybody can bounce; age, weight and most physical challenges are not a deterrent.  One of my students said, "Bouncing just makes me smile." Come bounce with us at Equipose. 


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