––Fire of Life Workshop with Yukiko Amaya––

Do you long to connect with your inner power and joy? Want to unleash your creative fire and express yourself more fully? Relax into the Divine Feminine Way of circular awareness at this time of the year, as the days start to get longer and life that has been dormant starts to stir.

Yukiko is a master at guiding you through Free Form Movement and meditation / connection to:

• Free your power and sovereignty from within, tapping into your creative life energy – shakti /prana - as it flows and spirals through you

• Open to others while you remain centered in yourself so that you can be in relationship with the world as a loving, confident being

• Connect with the cosmic / earth cycles of Sun, Moon, Mother Earth and feel how the powerful fire of life ignites and moves through you

• Root down into the deep intelligence of your body and know what it is to be supported and held, breathing with the Great Mother Goddess of Life. Held in the spacious embrace of Soul Motion® ~ a conscious dance practice, ritual - meditation work, and connection with powerful Earth energies, awaken to the Fire of Life within you, empowered, radiant, and present.

No prior experience of dance is necessary. Just come with a hearty dose of curiosity!!

Yukiko Amaya

Yukiko Amaya is passionate about investigating the frontiers of consciousness, communication, embodiment and Earth based spirituality. She is a certified Soul Motion® teacher, tantric yogini, psychic energy healer, shamanic practitioner and an Embodied Radiant Empowerment Coach. She leads in-person workshops, retreats and sacred immersions internationally, alongside her online programs. Educated in Japan, Australia, the U.S.A. and France, she continues to study the energetic connections and teachings of sacred lands and dragon / ley lines around the world.

Learn more about Yukiko's practice at  www.SundariSacredArts.com

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