Explore the varied practices taught at Equipose Yoga Studio


This is a broad term for synchronization of the breath with movement. Astanga and power yoga are included in this term. It really refers to the smooth way poses run together into sequences. A vinyasa class can be fast or slow, advanced or very alignment oriented. It may begin with stretching or other forms of warm up or with standing poses. The term “vinyasa” actually means “connection.”


Vinyasa Flow



This is a style of yoga which addresses the deeper tissues, the fascial and myofascial, which account for over 50% of our flexibility. You can expect to stay comfortably in a position for up to five minutes in order for the very different fascial tissue to release. The class is conducted for the most part on the mat, and there is very little movement but much attention to conscious breathing. “Yin” actually means “yielding or acceptance.”

Yin Yoga


This very ancient style of yoga, called “The Yoga of Awareness,” focuses on meditation through postures, movement, breath work, visualization, mudras (hand positions), and mantras (repeated words or phrases). Potentially, self-healing, self-awareness, general well- being and a healthier and more connected YOU may result from commitment to this practice.



This is a workshop type class that teaches anatomy and self-healing through the use of various sizes of balls made to grip and grab into the tight fascial tissues of the body. This is especially beneficial to release “sticky” spots or “blind” spots, those areas that may not be reaching full range of motion due to overuse, underuse, or abuse. Feet, shoulders, backs, hips and legs are all released in a sequential manner. The certification for this class was with Jill Miller, author of The Roll Model.

Ball Therapy