Lee is a wonderful teacher in so many ways. Her welcoming smile from the moment I walked into her studio had me sold. Her passion for the art of yoga shows in her very hands on approach. I really appreciate that if one cannot do the full on pose she will show you another way to do it and achieve the same effect. She stresses that you will be obtaining the same amount of stretch and will “get there.” This becomes very evident when you talk to some of the other folks in the class, and in my own evaluation of how far I have come since first starting at the beginning of the year. Lee’s knowledge of the human anatomy is truly amazing. If you are wanting a friendly, inviting, non judge-mental yoga studio this is the place for you.
— Patty Livesay
Equipose Yoga’s Lee Lorber is fantastic. She is an amazing body of knowledge about yoga and the human body. She delivers all of this in a wonderful caring and thoughtful manner. I have been under her instruction since January and have experienced great relief from chronic lower back problems. Today I am more flexible and can get through a busy day without medication. It is amazing. I highly recommend her. As she advises, ‘trust the practice’ and you will improve. I am so thankful that I found her; she has had a life-changing impact on me.
— Sue Bromley
I have been practicing yoga for over a decade, and have found a home at Equjpose. Through Lee’s generosity, she has made yoga both accessible and affordable. I have learned something new from each instructor I’ve practiced under, but Lee is the first one to show genuine “metta.” In fact, Lee and her son, Wes, both teach us to honor the body and practice at the level your inner voice is telling you. In the intimate setting of Equipose, I have received individual instruction that has allowed my practice to strengthen tremendously. Namaste!
— Laura Nix
I have never been athletic or coordinated, and I avoid situations that bring attention to these deficits. However, with Lee’s tutoring and support, I am able to do moves/poses I never thought possible. Yoga has helped with the chronic pain of a twenty year-old injury more than any physical therapy or medication I have ever tried. Lee unselfishly gives in the same manner to many others because of her caring nature and her desire to share the benefits of yoga.
— Andra Logan
As one of Lee’s early students, I have been fortunate to benefit from her mission to share yoga with as many people as possible and to give back. I always felt naturally inflexible, stiff, and suffered from sciatica, but with regular yoga practice, the sciatica is gone completely. Lee accepts each new student where he or she is, and challenges him to “go to his edge.” It is not a competition with other students, but rather, a very individualized growth, based on respect and acceptance. While I have physically grown stronger and more resilient, I have also learned to bring yoga to my everyday life, being more compassionate to myself and others. From Wes’s challenging yet playful flow sequences and eclectic music, to Lee’s yin combination classes and wonderful Thai shampoo massage, each class is a unique experience offered by these gifted teachers. For them, it is not just business, but a calling. And I am grateful to be part of the journey.
— Becca Isaac
Lee Lorber and Equipose Yoga in Warrenton, Virginia opened doors for me… in improving my health and well-being, exceeding my expectations. In a comfortable and positive setting, Lee’s expertise and unique teaching technique have enabled me to increase my core strength, flexibility, peace-of-mind, and finally begin to resolve the nagging lower back issues that had hindered me for years. Equipose is an exceptional studio setting, providing great value and individual attention, led skillfully by this kind teacher. In a short period of time it has set me on a path to better daily health.
— W. Scott Amos
My experience with Lee and Wes at Equipose Yoga Studio has been wonderful. I began practicing yoga to decrease my stress level. Lee is a very hands-on instructor. She explains the poses and aligns your body accordingly. I love learning about the muscles and how yoga helps strengthen them. Wes’s class is very easy flowing. He is energetic and brings humor to the class. I felt very inspired after practicing yoga in his class. Both instructors are easy going and create a positive atmosphere. I look forward to their classes and wish I was able to take more. I am so grateful for finding Equipose and highly recommend Equipose to everyone.
— Mary Ann M.