Enhance Your Yoga Practice with Tune-up Balls

If you are experiencing chronic stiffness, muscle aches and pains, tune up balls can help relieve these symptoms and enhance your regular yoga practice.

Free Tune Up Balls Demo

Where: Bella Vita Skin Care & Spa
92 Main Street, #103, Warrenton VA
Time: Noon to 5 PM

Lee Lorber will be demonstrating the proper use of Tune Up balls for pain relief and improved physical performance as part of the Warrenstock event hosted by the Shops at Fifth and Main in Old Town Warrenton, Virginia.

Tune Up balls can address the symptoms of musculoskeletal diseases, which are the fastest growing disease category wordlwide. The balls are positioned in various “trigger” or acupressure points on the body to loosen, massage and energize the targeted connective tissue. Regular use of Tune Up balls can help you:

  • target and relieve pain areas,
  • increase performance,
  • uncover “body blind spots” before they become painful and cause injury, and
  • improve posture and breathing.

This video demonstrates one way that Tune Up balls can be used to alleviate upper back muscle pain: