Equipose Yoga Studio Video Review: Annie Joiner

In this video, Equipose Yoga student Annie Joiner reviews and recommends her yoga instructor, Lee Lorber, and Equipose Yoga studio, located at 32 Waterloo St., second floor, Warrenton, Virginia.

Annie has been coming to Lee Lorber’s yoga classes at Equipose Yoga studio since 2011. She has practiced at a lot of different yoga studios in different areas. What she especially likes about Equipose Yoga Studio is the instructor’s hands-on approach to teaching yoga so that students are taught to do yoga poses safely without injuring themselves.

Annie was trained as a classical ballerina and she finds that Equipose emphasizes the importance of feeling the correct alignment and being able to deepen poses safely.

Annie recommends Equipose Yoga Studio because “it is a great place for beginning yoga students. It will help you build your strength and work within your physical limits. Equipose caters to a large variety of people within a single class. Whether you are a beginning yoga student or an advanced yoga practitioner, Lee Lorber works with you at your own level so you can deepen your yoga practice appropriately for your level.”

Annie says that “Lee Lorber is a very compassionate teacher. Her knowledge of anatomy shows in her teaching. She creates a great environment.”

Equipose Yoga is located in the John Marshall building, next door Red Truck Bakery in Old Town Warrenton.